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Writer's Block: Top Three

5th. Jun, 2010 | 06:35 am

What three qualities do you like most about yourself, and why? What qualities do you like least?

What qualities do I like most about myself, and why?

I'm passionate, emotional, intense. I live and breathe the things that are important to me.

I'm highly communicative; I love words - I like to play with them.

I'm compassionate and empathic - I am deeply affected by the pain of others.

What qualities do I like least?

I'm passionate, emotional, intense. My moods swing up and down, sometimes insanely so (literally!) I find it hard to be laid back, distanced, get perspective.

I'm highly communicative; I'm often speaking when I should be silent. I put my great big foot in it and cause myself excruciating social embarrassment often. Sometimes I mentally scream 'Shut up! Shut up! Just stop talking now!!' at myself.

I'm compassionate and empathic - it hurts me when others are hurt. How can I help someone when I'm about to cry because of their situation? As I've got older I've become more able to manage the storm of emotions that overwhelm me when someone is sad, and I'm comforting them. I can put it aside a little more easily so I can focus on them, and not my own sadness. Still though, I struggle with this.

Someone's paws are in for a spanking!

22nd. Dec, 2009 | 11:10 am
mood: cold cold

There were muddy prints all over the bed linen this morning....there's trouble ahead for someone(s) in our household when I get home...!

Going Gofficking

29th. May, 2009 | 07:12 am
mood: curious curious

Right, I can feel a bit of a dance floor explosion coming up. As I'm coming out of hibernation, I've got no idea where the youth of today go to have fun! I'd be quite partial to a visit to a dodgy goth club towards the end of this month or the start of next month, somewhere in London. What's good nowadays? As guidance, I don't want to go to Slimelight, I'd rather hear bleepy goth but don't mind a bit of trad, and Back In The Day my favourite bands were Apop, VNV Nation, Covenant, Wumpscut, Project Pitchfork, Wolfsheim, Rammstein etc etc etc

And for my second question, bearing in mind the above and adding in recent favourites scoring high on my playlist of Azam Ali, Eisbrecher, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Muse, Shakira, Natacha Atlas - can anyone suggest some more dancefloor hits/ albums of fabulousness I might like to explore? NB this does NOT mean you are allowed to bang on endlessly about your new favourite band which has nothing in common with any of the above. But sensible suggestions about music I might like would be very much appreciated!


7th. May, 2009 | 08:00 am
mood: amused amused

Apparently I was so drunk when I came in last night that Rhandolph thought I was going to throw up! And yet I have no hangover to speak of today, despite minimal sleep also. Go me! Somehow I've cheated my way out of a hangover...

Toilet - 1, Lucy - 0

15th. Apr, 2009 | 02:15 pm
mood: annoyed annoyed

I just dropped my ipod down the toilet. It's still working...but - gross!

In other news - I must stop accompanying my lunchtime seafront walk with Linkin Park. It makes me want to stand on a mountaintop playing an invisible guitar turned up to 11, doing an impression of a typical male come-face. This is the sort of thing that leads to dancing to Slayer, amongst others, as if It's The Best Song In The World Ever during Brighton Rock. Something Rhandolph still hasn't finished taking the piss out of me for. The Bastard. As if a man who eats the fish our cat dragged home for his dinner has any moral highground when it comes to Pointing and Laughing.

I haz a sad.

1st. Apr, 2009 | 07:35 am
mood: sick sick

I've just discovered someone's stolen both wheels off my bicycle. I feel like crying now :-(


1st. Apr, 2009 | 06:12 am
mood: amused amused

I dyed my roots last night, and while I was doing it, I noticed there are significant patches of green in my hair, presumably from dipping myself in a heavily chlorinated hot tub. Also, I got hair dye all over myself which bleached off random areas of the little bit of tan I got in wales. It's nice to know my ability to muckify myself so easily is still intact.


31st. Mar, 2009 | 03:25 pm

So, I'm in London tomorrow (wednesday), to meet up with my mum, before popping her on a train about 7.30pm. Anyone want to meet up after that for a drink?

Holiday in Wales, Part 3

29th. Mar, 2009 | 10:29 pm

Day 4 - Trapped in a TunnelCollapse )Day 5 - Fear of Pork OvercomeCollapse )

Day 6 - Mud Wrestling with GearsCollapse )

Day 7 - Bears and GlaresCollapse )

Holiday in Wales, Part 2

29th. Mar, 2009 | 09:35 pm

Day 2 - Hide the Pork SausageCollapse )

Day 3 - Dripping Icy NakednessCollapse )

Holiday in Wales, Part 1

29th. Mar, 2009 | 08:58 pm

Gentle reader, it would not be unreasonable for you to wonder why our brave hero and heroine have just returned from Wales, rather than the originally promised Destination: Lapland. This is because, after spending a good eighteen months researching the best places to holiday in Finland for husky sledding, snowboarding, ski mobiling, northern light watching, and other heady adventures, (a destination I might add, originally chosen by the male member of the family), a Certain Person changed his mind!

Why Wales then, you might ask, not unreasonably (especially if you are my sister, who has Welshophobia). Because, dear reader, I'm fackin' fed up of holidays where being drenched in a downpour on is the order of the day, but spells disaster, of camping in muddy hedges and Rain in Spain. It's like I have my own personal raincloud which follows me about. Colleagues have started checking my social diary before they book their own engagements. "Going out this weekend Lucy? Oh okay, think I'll give the park a miss then".

ANYWAY - the order of the day was cozy, snuggly accomodation, log fires and hot tubs, blankets and warm beds. And if it rains - who cares?!

So, naturally, the weather was beautiful all week...

Day 1 - Teeth in FleshCollapse )

Horizon expanding experiences

21st. Mar, 2009 | 07:34 am
mood: excited excited

What I'm up toCollapse )


19th. Mar, 2009 | 07:13 am
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Kidda - Natacha Atlas

Chatting with a friend earlier, we got to talking about the meaning of colours as represented by clothing. What does the colour you are wearing, say about you and your intentions? Do others interpret it correctly, or misapprehend?

I think people's personal style strongly affects what colour of clothes means what, so it's sooo complicated!

I reckon, for me, it's:

Black - could mean pretty much anything, from corpgoth, to serious, to 'this is an occasion and I felt like dressing up', to 'I ran out of clothes and everything else is in the wash'. I guess the common thread is that I usually feel confident in black, it's my default colour.

Brown - means 'I'm really not going to shag you'. Or - it's autumn/ spring.

Red - 'oh hell yeah'. More of an evening colour, although strangely I do wear it to work sometimes.

Blue - I tend to wear lots of very pale shimmery blues in the summer. It means I'm feeling relaxed and frivolous. I also like deep jewelled blues, but haven't got anything in that colour at the moment.

Green - deep green means business, pale green is very much like pale blue - a holiday sunshine colour. Mid-green means I've feeling dreamy and reflective. I often wear it in spring and autumn.

Pink - I wear lilac and pale pinky purple a lot in the summer, again. The meaning is different from on most people because of my dreads. It sort of says 'I'm feeling silly, but don't annoy me or I'll kick your arse', for me.

Grey/ White/ Cream/ Silver/ Gold etc - can't do these colours, they make me look like I'm having an early menopause...

ha - there's some food for thought! ;-) And that's without going into the subtext of the fabric material!

What colours mean what, on you?

Springtime in brighton

18th. Mar, 2009 | 10:41 pm
mood: naughty naughty

Much more of this sunny weather and my summer freckles are going to be making an early appearance...

Lucy in 'posting on LJ shocker'

18th. Mar, 2009 | 06:14 am
mood: amused amused

I was reminded recently than LJ is not just 'read-only' and that there's this whole crazy notion of posting stuff your own self. So...

As I've got older (more on that later), I'm sure I blush more. My embarrassment threshold used to be set spectacularly high, but recently, I've noticed myself colouring up much more regularly. Drinking alchohol always makes me go red, too, and I HATE it! I'm normally so pale that the slightest hint of red makes me look like a dissolute port-drinker in the process of developing gout.

On the subject of getting old, I had to go round our neighbours' house the other day to complain about the noise. We had noticed the volume level creeping up over a period of weeks, plus the introduction of some excessive guitar playing, and the last straw was being woken at 5am on the weekend by drunken grunge karaoke.

The next day I went round and thumped on the door twenty times, trying to raise them, in order to have That Conversation. I could hear they were in, but they obviously couldn't hear me knocking because of the music level. I tried a few times over the course of the afternoon, but the noise level carried on rising, and eventually I lost my temper (not something that happens very often), and used Rhandolph's pike (not a euphemism!), to whack on the wall whilst screaming and swearing my head off. This had absolutely no effect whatsoever, so I flounced over to my friend's house on the other side of the road to vent. There was a comedy moment when she misunderstood me and thought I'd banged on the front DOOR with the pike, and said 'no wonder they didn't answer it'!

We came up with a Plan involving polite notes through doors, and I went across the road to execute it, when I saw the young gentleman in question coming back home (probably from the pub). I snagged my chance, and batted my eyelashes at them, whilst apologising fulsomely for my loss of self control in banging on the wall ("but I was soooo tired, I just didn't SLEEP last night, you see I didn't want to bother you but your music was a LITTLE loud" etc etc). They ended up apologising to me ('that's RIGHT mate, you bloody well SHOULD', I was thinking). I said to them 'I'm very old now, so we normally go to bed about 11pm. And one of the young whippersnappers had the cheek to say 'oh, you're not THAT old!'. He probably thought he was paying me a compliment...

The other day I was toddling down to the pub, when a group of men pulled up at the pedestrian crossing, and shouted 'odd bitch' at me, as they pulled off, with great merriment. Okay, so A) that's so mean! and B) how did they KNOW?

Someone did suggest they were shouting 'old bitch' but I think I'd prefer odd.

Social life explosion

11th. Mar, 2009 | 09:16 am
mood: cheerful cheerful

I'm up in london this saturday and going to http://www.thelastdaysofdecadence.com/listings.html Kings Cross Hot CLub with souldier_blue. Anyone else planning on going?

Am also planning on going to club crimson in April if anyone's around...


25th. Jun, 2008 | 11:52 am
mood: exhausted exhausted

Crumble likes to eat flies. She looks like such a little dainty, princess, madam of a pusscat and then you here 'bzzzz bzzz bzzz, UNK' and she looks at you, and you look at her, and she either swallows or opens her mouth and the fly flies out. Disgusting. I blame myself, clearly there was some fault in her upbringing.

Back from New Zealand

5th. May, 2008 | 09:12 am
mood: accomplished accomplished

I have been very lazy since I got back and haven't updated regarding my travels in foreign parts, but have finally got round to diarising it...

Trek Diary:

Saturday 12th April
Arrive at airport to fly out. Trip organisers have booked my ticket in my married name but I haven't updated my passport yet. Fortunately we get my marriage certificate faxed to the ticket desk and they let me on the plane. No turning back now!

Sunday 13th April
11 hours later we arrive in Hong Kong for a brief 2 hour respite. Back on the plane for another 12 hours of flying - I am in practice for the wiggling competition championship although manage to get a little bit of sleep.

Monday 14th April
Arrive in Auckland and transfer to Nelson on a plane so old and small it has propellors. It is pouring with rain, a state of weather which did not alter significantly for the next five days. Try and keep ourselves awake long enough not to fall asleep in our dinner. I have my own room in the hotel, there are 8 of us in the group altogether but only one other person has come on their own, and as an older gentleman he probably wouldn't be too happy about sharing with me.

Tuesday 15th April
Transfer my minibus to the start of the Abel Tasman National Park in Marahau and then by watertaxi to Stillwell Bay. Still raining. 9 miles through undulating paths through rainforest bush to our campsite at Bark Bay, including crossing the tidal inlet at Torrent Bay. Eat our dinner round the campfire. In the rain. We have broken 2 of our team who decide not to walk with us for the remainder of trek.

Wednesday 16th April.
Still raining. Pack up tents in the rain and attempt to stick blister plasters onto sodden feet. Fall over and sprain ankle, but fortunately cross icy tidal river at Arawoa shortly afterwards which supplies rudimentary first aid. In the rain. Arrive at campsite at Totaranui after 11 miles and have cold shower. It is still raining, so we huddle inside base tent to eat our dinner.

Thursday 17th April
Still raining. My feet are now entirely made of blister plasters. 9 miles feels like 20. So hot and humid that we are wet through with sweat as well as rain. Detour to Separation Point and peer through the downpour at seals. Stumble on to end of park at Wainui and drive to our campsite at Mapua, where we have the luxury of hot showers and laundry. Decide best plan is not to look at feet too closely and just hope they are not going to drop off.

Friday 18th April
Wake up and it's not raining - amazing! Drive to Nelson Lakes and put our tents up in brilliant sunshine in St Arnaud right by the lake. We eye mountain dubiously as it pokes through veil of cloud. Drive to start of Mt Robert track and start the ascent. As we reach the summit we can only pause for 5 mins to take photos, as it's so cold. Weather turns and starts to sleet, icy rain lashes into us as we descend, however we still make it in the best time of any group organised by this company. So not doing too bad!

As the sun goes down it gets bitterly cold and we eat dinner in gloves and hats. Wake up in the night shivering a few times even with a thick sleeping bag and my woolly hat on.

Saturday 19th April
Transfer to Kaikoura which takes 5 hours in the minibus. Break our journey at Maruia and take a dip in the hot springs, and try out jetboating. Arrive at the backpackers' hostel which feels like 5 star luxury after camping - walls, doors and windows with glass in them. And a ceiling! Wow!

Sunday 20th April
Make the ascent to Mt Fyffe in glorious sunshine - what a difference it makes! Climb through the bush line and then through snow to make it to the top. This is the first time I've felt really, physically, pushed to my limit but we still make it in 8 hours (both ascent and descent), which is again the best time a group with this company has ever made. After a quick photo stop at the top we trudge on down which is when I really felt myself flagging. Fell over again but didn't injure myself as was wearing the magic NZ combination of trousers and long johns. When we get back to the hostel we are all too tired to celebrate and fall asleep instead. None of us have managed a bed time later than 9pm since we arrived here!

Monday 21st April
We are all feeling quite smug after two mountains in three days, both of which are higher than any mountain in the UK. We peel off to do our own thing and I go swim with the dolphins. They are completely wild and loom unexpectedly under the water whilst I flap inelegantly encumbered by flippers, snorkel, mask and hood. Not my finest hour I feel, but an interesting experience.

Then we drive to Christchurch and check into our hotel for the last night. We go out to dinner at Willowbank wildlife centre and see a haka as part of a Maori cultural experience. We get to see sleepy Kiwis and a white stag, who was just hanging out round the back of the restaurant hoovering up leftover bread rolls.

Tuesday 22nd April
Amble about Christchurch, pleased to be on my own and able to potter about at my own pace. Reconnect with the group in the evening and check into our flight. 28 hours later...

Wednesday 23rd April
Finally get home late wednesday for a joyous reunion with cats, husband and a decent cup of tea. But not in that order...

Photos here: http://pointycat.fotopic.net/c1498682.html

Training Diary

25th. Mar, 2008 | 10:12 am
mood: jubilant jubilant

A long walk through snow showers and mudCollapse )

Training Diary

19th. Mar, 2008 | 03:55 pm
mood: jubilant jubilant

A big adventure...Collapse )

Training Diary

10th. Mar, 2008 | 05:16 pm
mood: accomplished accomplished

This week's walk - Balcombe Circular, 10 miles, 5.5hrsCollapse )

Training Diary

3rd. Mar, 2008 | 10:27 am
mood: chipper chipper

My walk from saturdayCollapse )

Traning Diary

17th. Feb, 2008 | 09:32 am
mood: bouncy bouncy

Idyllic walk, then hilly and windy, then boring...Collapse )

Training Diary

14th. Feb, 2008 | 11:06 am
mood: chipper chipper

My training for New Zealand and my charity challenge in April is hotting up a bit now. I'm past the early and rather boring stages of weekly 2hr walks and into the 'proper' training walks which are worth going out into the countryside for now. I was a bit lurgified a couple of weeks ago so couldn't do that much but I was able to get out into the hills last sunday for a proper go - and I've discovered this brilliant website where you can plot your walk to show it to other people.

So I thought - why not blog my training walks (the big ones at the weekend, anyway), so that I can share them with other people and look back on them later?

stuff wot I dunCollapse )

Kitten sandwich

1st. Feb, 2008 | 05:16 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful

Got some GORGEOUS new pics of the plush bunnies here

They've grown so much - although Bimble's by far outgrown Crumblecake. They are becoming lovely people - Bim has been taking his duties of 'looking after me' very seriously this last week as I've been getting over a virus. He follows me about and cheeps and whirrs at me if he's not sure what I'm doing. They both react to being talked to if lying on their hammock or cat platform by rolling on their back and gyrating in pleasure, whilst waving their paws in the air. Crumble hugs my legs when I get up in the morning by throwing her front paws around my limbs and leaning forward, purring like a maniac. Last night poor old Rhandolph was snoring like a beast due to a heavy cold. Crumb had sneaked under the duvet behind me and had curled up, purring, turning round in circles, and had dozed off next to my back. Bim had got in the front between me and Rhandolph, under the duvet, and had purred himself to sleep in my arms. Rhandolph rolled over unexpectedly and I think must have crushed the B's tail as he suddenly leapt up, clawed my knockers and escaped, causing Crumble to wake up and furiously evict the duvet also. No more mr nice cat sandwich.

Alternative Bimble names at the moment are: Horse (due to having huge 'hooves'), Mr Milky Toes, Mr Panda Paw Bear, Panda, Little Bear, Gorgie Porgie, Mr B, Bimby, Bimbleton, Bimosity. Alternative Crumble names are currently: Precious, Precious Pudding, Princess, Tigger, Tiggins, Cuddlecake, Crumblecake.

I know I am the soppiest new catbaby mum ever, but they are just so GORGEOUS! ;-)

Big Kitten Diaries: the Hairy Hooligans

23rd. Nov, 2007 | 09:40 am
mood: pleased pleased

According to the Hairy Hooligans, it's perfectly acceptable behaviour to wake us up in the middle of the night because they're bored. I couldn't agree more, it's what I'm always telling their father.

They've been here for 3 weeks now and I can't get used to the fact that we actually have KITTENS. In. The. House! it seems quite unreal and just too good to be true.

I don't think it will be long until they can jump on the worktops by themselves. Currently they use us as scaling ladders. You should see the state of Rhandolph's poor scratched legs!

Latest pictures

Big Kitten Diaries: Curtain CATastrophes

19th. Nov, 2007 | 04:44 pm
mood: loved loved

Things the kittens and I have learnt this week:
1) They can fly. Specifically, they can fly up curtains. Which cannot sustain even their tiny 900gram weight, and collapsticated underneath them. They can also fly up me - which is amusing until they try and climb up the INSIDE of my clothing instead of the outside.

2) They like sleeping in the bed, but often get banished due to noisy sibling bashing just as we're going to sleep.

3) Crumble can be a bit stand-offish, but when she decides she wants to schnuggle, she goes into a mad Crumble Attack and starts kneading my legs, purring madly, miaowing and pushing her tiny head into my face. I will at that point become willing to scale mountains/ walk over hot coals etc for her. She is an eveeeil manipulator-puss.

4) Bimble is a teddy bear puss and a softy and likes cuddles pretty much any time there's some going. He's also good with the rubbing round feets in the morning.

5) If we are eating something, it must be BRILLIANT and the kittens must devote all their energy to stealing some - even if it's cabbage.

6) They like Andrew and Liz - and can be relied on to twist anyone who visit round their little paws. They tick all the perfect kitten boxes - being quite willing to fall asleep on/ lick/ play with anyone who comes along.

7) Bimble has a funny turn occasionally when he gets over-excited playing with feather based toys. He'll suddenly start growling and slurping at his special feather and can go on like that for ages. It should be a bit scarey but it's just really, really funny because he's so tiny. When Liz and Andrew were visiting, he not only growled at his feather toy but carted the whole great big thing down the corridor and mauled it for about half an hour!

8) Kittens are just brilliant. Honestly, you can't imagine how brilliant they are. They're just great.

Big Kitten Diary Part 2

12th. Nov, 2007 | 10:36 am
mood: satisfied satisfied

The furbabies have now discovered that most things fall into one of the following categories:
eatable things
chewable things
climbable things

Some objects may fall into more than one category (like humans, who are both chewable AND climbable).

They have also discovered that having a screeching hissy fit with each other in the middle of the night results in an eviction from the bedroom.

The egg, rice and biscuits diet seems to have sorted them out and they're back to normal in the bottom department. I took them both to bed for a nap at the weekend and they snuggled up good as gold under the blankets with me.

This morning Bimble sat on my boot just as I was about to go to work. How is anyone supposed to leave the house, do anything or go to work with kittens in the house? I ask you!?

more photos

Big Kitten Diary Part 1

8th. Nov, 2007 | 11:43 am
mood: rejuvenated rejuvenated

I had Leo since he was a kitten, and ever since he passed away, it's left a big gap in my life, as he lived with me for most of his 18-year old life. I've grieved for him and accepted his loss, and no-one will ever replace him.

Having said that, I've felt ready to here the patter of furry paws on our floorboards again, and on sunday, we brought home our new furbabies. It was a private advert, and they've been brought from a really lovely, family home, with children and dogs and chaos - so they're fairly bombproof. Their mum, Molly, has had two litters, both with two kittens, because the eldest daughter of the household desperately wanted to have one of Molly's kittens - but after both litters were born circumstances meant she couldn't take them home with her - in this latest case, because she's moved to America! I mention this because Molly obviously wasn't allowed to indiscriminately procreate, and they said they'd likely have her neutered now - ha; out of luck Miss Eldest Daughter - I've got your kittens!

Before we brought them home:
We did the rounds of the cat shelters and saw a few kittens from private adverts, but none of them really made my heart go bada-boom, bada-boom. Saw them advertised, half-bengal kittens, went to see them. Kittens hovering in air surrounded my shafts of light with choir of angels in background. They had me twisted round their little paws in 30 minutes. I know without doubt these are the kittens for us. Rhandolph not able to come with me but I'd been deputised to choose if the right opportunity came up. I rush home to tell him all about it. A bit nerve-wracking so I can't wait until he sees them and gives stamp of approval. I show him photos which I took of them with their mum.
Kitten proofed house. Got in their little bowls and litter tray and nosh supplies. Make up a basket with some of my clothes and Rhandolph's clothes in it so they can get used to our smell. Put ticking clock in basket to replicate Mum's heartbeat. Am nearly sick with excitement. Cannot think about anything but kittens, kittens, kittens!

Day 1:
Ro takes us in the car over to collect the furbabies from where they live in Hollingdean. Stick them in their cat carrier and feel very excited but a bit guilty for seperating them from their mum. Release them from their basket in the conservatory where we take lots of pictures. We keep them in the conservatory for a couple of hours and then open the door so they can explore the lounge and kitchen. They are a bit shy at first, naturally, and go hide in the back of the sofa quite a lot, but they have some scoff and use their litter tray, so things are looking good. Spend rest of evening coaxing them close and getting up and down to watch them do stuff.

Day 2:
I have taken 2 days off to play with the kittens - as yesterday was sunday I have 2 days left to settle them in. We go through various name possibilities: for mr black and white kitten we have - pog, bimble, Mr B, bunny, and for miss tigg we have - tiggins, pudding, pie, crumbs. They fall asleep on me and I nearly do my back in and burst my bladder staying rigid so they'll stay put. Rhandolph is completely smitten. I phone my mum and sister up several times to tell them what the kittens are doing now. Everything about them is amazing - how they eat, how they use the litter tray, how they are so perfect with tiny claws and tiny claw shields and little milk teeth. Kittens discover the bathroom.

Day 3:
Mister pud marches up to me in the morning and starts rubbing round my ankles and purring - he is pleased to see me! They fall asleep in my lap and on waking, re-enact various wrestling matches of yore complete with tumbling end over end and all the sound effects. We settle on names - Bimble for the boy (that's Professor Bimble to YOU!) and Crumble for the girl. We go out in the evening and I want to rush back to check on them. I wake up in the night and have a bit of a vomit (possibly due to booze, possible due to a dodgy meal out) and as I get up to go to the bathroom they meep and follow me into the bedroom, where they climb into bed with us and are still there the next morning, curled up in Rhandolph's arms.

Day 4:
Their personalities are clearly emerging. Professor Bimble is very inquisitive, with an innocent face and quizzical head on one size tilt. He can clearly be imagined with clipboard and spectacles, is the first into everything and very determined, even though he's only tiny. Crumble is a little bigger, a little fluffier, and a lot prettier - more chocolate boxy pretty, and more interested in her food and now quite as bright as Bimble. She's just as cuddly though. I have to go back to work today and Rhandolph gets to spend the day with them - hurrumph. Will they forget about me? Apparently not, judging by the welcome I got when I came home. I wake in the night to go to the toilet and they followed me in the bedroom again. Unfortunately one of them or possibly both, has an upset stomach and poos all over the bedding. Nothing but hard boiled eggs, boiled rice and kitten biscuits for them today! most recent photos

More to come!


5th. Oct, 2007 | 04:21 pm

To everyone who's ever known are little cat Leo, or enjoyed hearing about his adventures,

The recent house moved proved the last straw for his poor old body which was packing up anyway. He was 18 and had lived a very happy, beloved life and had diabetes and arthritus for several years. He went downhill very quickly after we moved. The vet visited us today and pronounced him in end stage renal failure, and noted he would probably last for a bit longer (days rather than weeks) but would be in pain, so we took the decision to let him go. He died in a sunny patch on the bed, full of roast chicken, at home, with us, peacefully.

He was our brave little hero until the last. RIP Leo.

RSPCA sale

3rd. Aug, 2007 | 11:19 am

More things for sale on behalf of the RSPCA - not only are you getting a great bargain but doing a good deed at the same time :-)

More details at www.justgiving.com/lucypointycat

If you are interested, just make me an offer - I'd rather they sold at a lower price and the money went in the charity pot, than not selling at all, or having to list on ebay and pay fees so hence less money for the RSPCA. Paypal, personal cheque or postal order accepted, postage at cost (my best guess, anyway!)

Hello Kitty teapot, brand new and unused, without box, consists of 5 pieces, saucer, teapot, teapot lid, cup, cup lid. Postage £6 as it will have to be carefully packaged. Very rare - I searched for this on ebay to get a rough price and there were no others like it at all.

Hello kitty cushion, a little worn, postage £2

Transparent plastic bra, size Medium, has a blue tinge to it (reminds me of jelly fish!) Very cool - if I thought there was a chance in heaven of cramming my knockers in it, I'd buy it myself. Mirrored metal ornamentation on top of cups. Halter neck style.

Transparent plastic arm guard, matches the above, with blue tinge. Buckles are floppy plastic, guard itself is hard plastic. Postage £3.

Greetings card with print by famous goth artist, whats-her-face, you know who I mean...unused, in plastic, with black envelope. Free postage.

On getting married and other items of note...

4th. Jul, 2007 | 09:07 am
mood: happy happy

Having just come back from a week in a remote corner of Corfu, it seems like a hundred years ago that I got married, even though it was only about a week and a half in reality.

I'd better write this up now before it flies out of my brain entirely...early on the morning of Saturday 23rd June, I booted Rhandolph out to his best man's house nearby, and welcomed in my sister who was acting the role of 'Best Woman', consisting mainly of keeping me in a state of slightly drunken calm rather than hysterical sobriety. She did a good job :-)

It took me about 3 hours to put all the scaffolding up that was required for my entire outfit. All the pictures I have seen so far of myself look absolutely minging, but I am hoping that this is because I am incredibly unphotogenic, rather than because I'm significantly less hot in reality than I am in what little remains of my mind...I have yet to see the photos from Andrew, our 'official' photographer, who is usually the only person who is able to take a not-entirely-minging shot of me, so hopefully that will rectify the situation.

Close to the time we were due to leave, my dear friend Alex arrived to lace me into my corset. We were then driven to the reception by Yola, who was looking absolutely spectacular herself in a dirtytastic version of a chauffer's outfit, in Matty's gorgeous open topped car. The weather was like a gift itself - sunny for all the important bits and with a apocalyptic rain shower later in the evening when we were all under cover.

The plan was to arrive when everyone was inside and then make my Grand Entrance - but the previous wedding had overrun so when we pulled up, everyone was still hanging around outside. Even this worked out fine though, because it was quite good to get all possible benefit out of driving up in a fantastic car, with a bunch of hot looking babes :-)

I was getting just a little nervous by this time and had to hold Lyle (best man's) hand as he towed me inside to meet the Registrar. Rhandolph had already arrived and been installed somewhere where he couldn't see me come in. I had my most anxious moment during the conversation with the Registrar but suddenly before I knew it, everything was GO and the pirates of the caribbean music came on for my ENTRANCE, which I can't remember anything about because I was too terrified!

The ceremony was so wonderful, more so than I could ever have imagined. Rhandolph looked all things good; dashing, gorgeous, heroic, and a million times the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. There was such a wonderful warm feeling of goodwill from everyone who was kind enough to come - in fact the whole day couldn't have been more perfect. I couldn't stop looking at my soulmate and my heart felt so full of joy and love I was only surprised that the rest of the world still existed afterwards.

Once we had signed the register we had the highlight of exiting the ceremony room through a sword arch. We pottered about doing the obligatory 'family' photo shots with some random children I am apparently now related to. I was glad to clutch onto my darling Simon, my little nephew who is Karen's young lad. He held Rhandolph's sword and got very exited! (please read that with all innocence, you filthy lot!)

I was so pleased to see my old muckers there, some of whom never made it to the reception (Hazeii - you were very much missed!) but then it was time to sweep off to the pub, to begin celebrating our newly wed state.

Some absolutely amazing friends of mine, Terry, Julia and Ro, had decorated the function room with glee and inspiration. It looked totally awesome and I couldn't believe what a fantastic job they'd done. All my wonderful other friends from work soon arrived - Linda, Bernie, Anne, Clari, Imogen, Liz, Nicolette, Helen - can't imagine any other place in the world where I could work and want everyone to be at my wedding - I am very lucky indeed to work with such a fantastic bunch of mates!

My mum soon made her way from the registry office; she and my sister were taking it in turns to look after Simon during the day, which unfortunately meant they couldn't all be there at once, as Simon wasn't allowed inside the pub. Mum also kept an eye on the random relatives who began turning up - my Hartfield Halfwits which includes my incontinent, senile old grandmother who started on the cakes as soon as she came in, and had to be taken home soon after the speeches as she'd eaten herself sick! 

There were so many people that I didn't get the chance to talk to everyone for as long as I would have liked; especially people I don't see very often like Andrew and Fi. I was chatting to Aims and Chrissie for a while at the beginning, then schmoozing with the rapier society clan, then welcoming random relatives. It was a while until I discovered the bubble of fun outside containing Mog and Eris, Lee and Laura, Suzi and Aden, and Miss Mel and her plus-one. I really enjoyed reliving the old Carry On Wasp Factory days with them.

At some point we ate some food; then we had 'clean' speeches, as I really wanted my relatives to leave, but knew they wouldn't until they'd been fed some cake. During my poignant, touching speech, I mentioned out mutual desire not to have children, and my bloody grandmother piped up 'aahhh waily waily, I want some more grandchildren!'

As I rolled my eyes to heaven, Lyle interjected with 'I'll give you some' by which of course he meant 'I will encourage Lucy and Rhandolph to have children' but was heard by everyone as 'I want to shag your grandmother'. The comic timing couldn't have been more perfect if we'd fed them their lines earlier...

After the speeches I remember a brief chat with lovely Pippa and co, and blithering away to Liz and Andrew for quite a time. I also had a short chat to Ruthy, kisses and hugs with Paul (Jero), not long enough with my darling girls Liz, Aims and Elaine who admired my wedding pants in the toilet, and schnuggles with my Mel, reliving the filthy old days. ALthough no lezzing up - not on my wedding day! This despite EXTREME provocation from Ms Kjersti later in the evening ;-) Must say, it was fab to see her and Matthias who'd travelled all the way down just to say hi.

Much good stuff on the DJ front from Matty, Andrew and Liz. It all seemed to go so quickly - at some point Karen came back and we started the 'post-watershed' speeches. Karen's was the sweetest, Liz's the most drunken and rambling and enjoyable, Mel's the filthiest, Eris' the most shocking and possibly funniest, Anne's the most spontaneous, Andrew (rapier society)'s the most respectable (even if he did make Rhandolph sound Special), and Cameron's the most when-is-he-going-tosay-something-filthy-oh-it-would-seem-he-is-not.

I shared a drink with the chaps in the garden while the rain poured down overhead, and Rhandolph and I both spontaneously decided it was time to head for home. And I'm not regaling what happened next on livejournal or any other public forum!

It really was the archetypal Perfect Day. One reason was Rhandolph. The other reason was all of you, giving your support and well wishes. Thankyou so much everyone who came and participated in our day, and particular thanks to those of you who contributed your time et al; in alphabetical order I would like to single out for special attention (naming only those who read or whose partners read LJ for obvious reasons): 

interior_lulu, Andrew moonmudge, hazeii,  Karen pocket_saviour, kjersti, Liz liz_lowlife, Mark markeris, Matty mattydesade, Matthiaslatexiron, Mel allezbleu, and Yola.

I shall report back on the honeymoon forthwith, but now I'm off to eat greek yoghurt drizzled with honey and almonds. Yum. 



21st. Jun, 2007 | 06:36 am
mood: awake awake

I woke up at 5am this morning because I'm so excited about Saturday...

In other news, I went to Boots yesterday to buy a few 'prepared for any eventuality' type supplies for our holiday, and was standing in the queue honking and snorting and giggling to myself because my basket contained: 

1 x bottle contact lens solution
1 x bottle rescue remedy
1 x tube toothpaste
1 x bum-poo disease tablets
1 x anti-bum-poo disease tablets

When I got to the till I could see the cashier was thinking 'well, THAT looks like you're expected a debauched weekend!'

She looked at me. I looked at her. I honked and snorted a bit. I shuffled off.


20th. Jun, 2007 | 06:49 am
mood: anxious anxious

The wedding's on saturday, work's a nightmare, but this has cheered me up...


Plea for your money!

20th. Mar, 2007 | 11:14 am
mood: optimistic optimistic

Dear friends, romans, countrymen, goths, invading marauders etc,

As you know all too well by now, in April 2008 I'm going on a
sponsored 12-day trekking trip to New Zealand, to raise money for the

This will be a punishing challenge which will push me to the limits of
my physical and mental endurance. Our small group of strangers will be
walking for up to 20 miles a day, climbing Mt Fyffe and Mt Robert from
sea level, camping in very basic conditions, and surviving on packable
rations. I guess I'll be leaving my 6 inch heels at home...plus it'll
be the longest Rhandolph and I have ever been parted (*sniff!*) and
GOD knows what he and Leo'll get up to without me...!

I'm doing this for the RSPCA because I passionately believe in the
work they're doing. Nothing else would get me working this hard,
believe me. I've raised £1250 so far, which is a third of the way to
my £3750 minimum sponsorship (set at that figure so that the charity
gets a bloody good percentage of the total once the costs are covered)
- but there's still a hell of a long way to go.

If you've been thinking about sponsoring me, please do it TODAY. I
have to raise all the money this year, before I go, and the sooner I
get there, the less I'll be having heart failure that I won't make it
:-) Plus, some people have promised me large chunks of money, but they
won't do it until I reach a point where it looks like I'm going to
meet my target. So I need your cash NOW!

If you would like to help me reach my goal, please go here where you can also see more about my

Alternatively, email me for my address if you don't have it, and
you can post me a cheque made payable to the RSPCA.

I do understand if you've already committed your spare funds, but I
hope you will consider helping me reach my goal. Here are a few
examples of what your donation could do:

£5.60 Could pay for a cat pod for a day
These special pods keep kitties safe, warm and dry, and give them a
quiet place to sleep - and we all know that cats value their sleep
more than most! This donation could pay for the upkeep of a rescued
cat in one of our Animal Centres for a day keeping her snug and safe
until a loving family gives her a new home. A kitten like Daisy will
sleep in this cat pod. At just a few weeks old Daisy was callously
abandoned and almost died, but with the RSPCA's care she clung to
life, and was soon fit and full of mischief as a kitten should be.

£12 Could feed a kitten for a month
Small tummies can have big appetites! Young kittens are vulnerable
creatures - especially if they've gone through the trauma of being
abused or abandoned. So we have to take extra special care of their
tiny tums, adult cat food is much too rich for these babies. What cat
lover could resist these little bundles of fun? This donation could
buy food for a kitten for a whole month. Kittens like Frazzle need
special care - he came to the RSPCA after he had been set alight by a
group of youths. His long, fuzzy coat, and the quick actions of our
vets, probably saved his life, but with their care he was soon well
enough to go to a new, loving home.

£30 Could pay for a dog health check
For someone who knows about the importance of visits to the vet, this
could give an abandoned or neglected dog a much-needed health check.
As well as as a thorough examination, he'll be given all the
vaccinations he needs, flea and worm treatments to keep him healthy on
the outside and the inside, and a micro-chip to identify and trace him
just in case he comes to harm in the future. Little Sweep needed
urgent attention from the vets - she was only twelve weeks old and had
suffered horrible neglect. But with proper care and lots of love she
made a full recovery and was soon rehomed with an owner who truly
loves her little dog.

Thanks for taking the time to read and reflect,

much love


Save the Date!

27th. Feb, 2007 | 11:52 am
mood: jubilant jubilant

Dear friends,

Rhandolph and I will finally be doing the dirty deed (that’s marrying each other, not having a shag), in the Brighton Registry Office at noon on Saturday 23rd June 2007.

It will be a very relaxed affair followed by a long afternoon/ evening in the pub with DJs etc. But you will be encouraged to DRESS UP!

If we know you, you’ll most likely be getting an invite to the reception afterwards at the Caroline of Brunswick in brighton, if not the ceremony itself (limited space), but in the meantime, put a note in your diaries.

Our dear friends Matty from Brightonrock, and Liz and Andrew Lowlife will be providing much-needed tunes in the pub, and we also need someone to make CAKE for us. Does anyone who knows and loves us fancy doing the honours, for kisses and rewards in heaven etc? It would need to be big enough for at least 50 people, and Meester Rhandolph has stated a preference for toffee.

The spiritual part of the wedding to us is to have a great day, which means spending time celebrating our 11 year relationship with the people who are important to us. So we really hope you can all come!

Lots of love,

Lucy & Rhandolph

after morning

25th. Feb, 2007 | 09:23 am
mood: groggy groggy

Numerous cups of tea, nothing on the stereo, morning's plans are composting the garden, making marmalade, picking up the pvc debris scattered round the house and going to the pub to meet Alex for lunch. Ah, it must be the morning after my 6 monthly trip to a nightclub...

Anyone bored at work?

30th. Jan, 2007 | 03:36 pm
mood: busy busy

I could really do with some help with things RSPCA-fundraising related. If you can help with any of the following, it would be very much appreciated!

1) A simple answer. If someone you knew at work was selling valentine-themed baked goods to raise money, would you be more interested in 'Love Muffins' or 'Giant Chocolate Cookies with Hearts'

2) Anyone use myspace and know how to auto-add friends with similar interests? Similarly, anyone know how to put a bulletin which your friends see when you've updated your blog/ put something new on your page?

3) I have plans (mwha ha ha) - which involve hiring 2 possibly 3 furry cat costumes (to be worn by adult humans). All the costume companies for hire I can see involve catwoman styles or sexy outfits. I'm looking for something cuter and non-sexy. ANyone fancy a spot of googling to see what they can come up with?

Many thanks and good karma etc etc naked massages to all who can help!


January fundraising

5th. Jan, 2007 | 02:12 pm
mood: hopeful hopeful

As you probably know, in April 2008 I will be trekking in New Zealand for 12 days to raise money for the RSPCA. I need to raise minimum sponsorship of £3750 hence starting early!

Raising money in January will be quite hard, as everyone cuts back on their spending. Please consider taking one of these mini-challenges to help me save the seeek keetons...

Give up your vice for a week!
Consider giving up your particular vice – chocolate, cigarettes, alchohol, mobile phone/ whores etc - and donate the money saved.

Walk to work for a week!
Consider walking/ cycling to work for a week and donating the money saved on petrol/ bus fares.

donations can be made at www.justgiving.com/lucypointycat

Alternatively, if you live in brighton/ hove:

Donate unwanted xmas presents/ Have a clear out
Everything and anything wanted for tombola/raffle car boot sale etc - can collect

Leave a comment or email me at lucy dot pointycat at googlemail dot com if you would like to make an appointment or donate anything which needs collecting.

Fiddy Pee Meme

3rd. Jan, 2007 | 11:25 am
mood: hopeful hopeful

Live Journal is ‘Useful’ Shock News

Whilst struggling to come up with a brilliant idea for RSPCA fundraising during January, which I suspect will be much harder than in other months, I thought to myself - 'hey, what if people stopped posting self-reflective quizzes and other fluff in their live journals, and just for once, did something actually useful with it'

In a nutshell
Step 1: Gimme fiddypee here: http://www.justgiving.com/lucypointycat
Come on. It's a fifth the price of a pint - and how many of THOSE did you buy over christmas?

Step 2: Copy and paste this into your own journal.

Step 3: Feel virtuous and have faith restored in human nature :-)

I'm walking through New Zealand for 12 days, but all you need to do is point and click! To help the sick keetons and save the world!